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The residents have also complained that due to low voltage and unscheduled load-shedding are damaging electric appliances and they bearing loss of repairing it.
The cylinder bearing loss is the most significant loss in the expander and accounts for 67.
Audiometric testing revealed a severe to profound, high-frequency sensorineural bearing loss in the right ear and a mixed loss in the left ear.
OSHA issued a final rule in July that revises the criteria for recording work-related bearing loss.
One strategy adopted by banks in order to survive is bearing loss.
Contralateral acoustic stapedial reflexes identified a cochlear site for the bearing loss.
The residents complained that WASA men demand 20,000 to 30,000 for illegal water connections and department is bearing loss of million of rupees.
Audiometry demonstrated normal hearing in the right ear and a moderate mixed type of bearing loss in the left car (55/30 dB).
Committee showed its anger over the closure of CNG stations in the country and said that that on one hand OGRA given licenses during banned period by saying that its their right while on the other hand it is not concerned about those who invested in this sector are bearing loss due to the closure of CNG stations.
He said that the traders are bearing loss worth of millions of rupees.
Otoscierosis can cause a conductive bearing loss, a mixed loss, and occasionally a purely sensorineural hearing loss.