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The princess told the count that she would be delighted, and only begged him to stay longer at Anna Semenovna's, and he departed.
Kim loafed over to the nearest tobacco-seller, a rather lively young Mohammedan woman, and begged a rank cigar of the brand that they sell to students of the Punjab University who copy English customs.
The very chairs begged mutely to be sat upon, the chill white beds to be slept in.
However, it was over at last, and they sat down again in a ring, and begged the Mouse to tell them something more.
But the monkey made such piteous cries, and seemed so unhappy when anyone attempted to catch him, that the two ladies begged the King to leave him a little longer with them, to which he consented.
Come into the conservatory for a few minutes," he begged.
In less than a half hour, at least twenty people passed and Pinocchio begged of each one, but they all answered:
Then she went to prepare herself for the marriage, and begged that her sister Dinarzade should be sent for to speak to her.