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symbol for the element bismuthbismuth
[Ger. Weisse Masse=white mass], metallic chemical element; symbol Bi; at. no. 83; at. wt. 208.98040; m.p. 271.3°C;; b.p. about 1,560°C;; sp. gr. 9.75 at 20°C;; valence +3 or +5.
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The country code for Burundi.


(Business Intelligence) See BI software.
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A change from LIFO will normally have a significant positive income effect because the accumulation of prior years' costs in beginning inventory will replace cost of goods sold valued at current costs.
To explain the beginning inventory further and to clarify a point that can be confusing, let us use the months of October and November as examples.
the budgeted fixed overhead in beginning inventory of $17,600 less the budgeted fixed overhead in ending inventory of $15,165) + $42,562 of current period overhead actually put into the inventory account (i.
The conversion thus expresses beginning inventory at year-end prices.
WK1 holding the costs for material, inventory holding, stock out, subcontracting, hiring and training, lay-off, straight line, overtime, as well as beginning inventory, size of workforce, labour hours and safety stock coefficient as shown in Figure 10.
You had a beginning inventory and you had an ending inventory and somewhere in between was the truth.
Once a specific on-hand inventory is entered into the BOH workstation, the OTF program produces a report that indicates the beginning inventory, ending inventory, the inventory count, the ideal usage count, and the difference between the ideal and actual counts.
In effect, the taxpayer was allowed to freeze the low-cost bulk purchase as beginning inventory and deduct the costs of subsequently produced goods, thereby serving "the overriding purpose of the LIFO regulations, which is to match current costs against current income.
To simplify the example, terms such as beginning inventory (begin inv), projected available (pro avail), and scheduled receipt (sch rec) are not listed if they are not needed for computing the order release, as in the first subtable.
UCR required wineries to re-cost their beginning inventories as if these laws were in effect for the entire period the beginning inventory was held.
The remaining data we need for the report includes Total Needs by Part, Less Beginning Inventory by Part, Direct Materials to be Purchased by Part, Cost per Unit of Direct Materials by Part, and Cost of Direct Materials to be Purchased by Part.

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