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That would not be a bad return over Christmas, but if we lose to the Scarlets we will be behind the eight ball.
In the United States, we are quite behind the eight ball in terms of recognizing this problem," he said.
Worldwide shortages of high-quality big ore reserves have put companies behind the eight ball as they scramble to find new deposits.
Our first round really put us behind the eight ball, and we were really playing catchup from there.
Similarly, we were behind the eight ball in having to develop the necessary seats to keep up with that growth.
If you miss summer training you're behind the eight ball at this level.
Ruby fronts this place for the mob (specifically, Trafficante out of Miami) and has got Oswald behind the eight ball with 15 percent nut on a loan with the juice running into the seventh week.
Companies with huge debt loads start behind the eight ball.
It's so unfortunate that we've had to struggle so hard and get so far behind the eight ball to help them.
People want to get away from cities to natural settings," says Chambers, "but without zoning restrictions, you're already behind the eight ball.
We did a lot of things right at the weekend so we're not behind the eight ball, but we've got to tidy up on a couple of areas.
Woakes "Going into that innings, we were behind the eight ball - 100 runs behind in any game is quite a decent margin.