bell curve

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The Bell Curve offers little hope that public education can alter the economic, social, or political stratification of American society.
Oddly, as many critics of The Bell Curve have noted, the inventor of IQ testing, Alfred Binet of France, never intended for it to be used to support a hereditarian IQ theory.
Basically, The Bell Curve attempts to show that people with high IQs, by intermarrying, are producing an intelligent class that will always run things.
The radicals, the purists, the lock-it-up crowd will have isolated themselves as ineffective and on the edge of the bell curve of public opinion.
A reporting tool available to MDaudit Professional customers is the E&M Bell Curve reporting module.
The bell curve demanded organisations to classify employees under three categories: high, average and low performers.
The implications of the double bell curve are enormous.
For years, researchers assumed that networks operated through what statisticians call "normal distributions," with an average, or mean, and a bell curve around that average.
Substituting race for class in such an argument would make it perilously near to the views that were attributed to Charles Murray and Richard Hernnstein in their controversial book The Bell Curve.
Murray subsequently attempted the same kind of mission on behalf of more directly racial justifications for inequality in his 1995 tract of racist pseudoscience, The Bell Curve.
Their argument is similar to one made by critics of the media's intense coverage that same year of Charles Murray and the late Richard Hermstein's The Bell Curve, which theorized that blacks were genetically inferior to whites.
Tucker finds that the rents in free market cities follow a standard bell curve, with a steep climb on the low-rent side of the curve and a long tail toward the "luxury' end of the market.