bell curve

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Taleb taught us that the bell curve of standard deviation was invented to measure the variation among physical phenomena.
Even if one does understand the bell curve, as Taleb showed us standard deviation is often not robust enough for multi-dimensional financial markets.
In a high-priced market where classes can typically cost $1,000 to $2,000 and personal tutoring can sell for as much as $50 an hour, Bell Curves offers an affordable alternative.
Bell Curves partners with historically black colleges and universities as well as minority associations to conduct free workshops aimed at making students aware of test preparation services.
That makes The Bell Curve even more disconcerting, for less discerning readers more easily may be lulled into drawing inaccurate conclusions, especially those who are seeking reinforcement of their own biases.
The authors argue that individuals at the lower end of the IQ bell curve (also known as the normal curve) typically are poor, black, and less educated than whites.
In this article, I will argue that the kind of thinking exhibited in the Bell Curve has maintained the divisions between groups and undercut all efforts to make our schools more equitable for all children.