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Inflammation of the tongue.



inflammation of the tongue. Glossitis may arise as a result of local trauma of the tongue (traumatic glossitis), decrease in local reactivity of the tissues in connection with infectious factors (candidomycotic glossitis), or changes in the general reactivity of the body caused by avitaminoses, malnutrition, and so forth. It frequently appears as a symptom of many diseases of internal organs, a number of which may be diagnosed by typical changes in the mucous membrane of the tongue. Thus, scarlatinal glossitis and dry, wrinkled tongue are well known in diseases of the intestinal tract, and a smooth, atrophic tongue often accompanies blood diseases. Rarely, glossitis develops as a complication after taking certain medications. The disease is found in persons of all ages. Glossitis is sometimes discovered by chance, but it may begin acutely and proceed with all the symptoms of inflammation. Treatment involves removal of the causes of the disease, care of the mouth cavity, Novocain blocks, and vitamin therapy.


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Benign Migratory Glossitis or Geographic Tongue: An enigmatic oral lesion.
The purpose of this study was to determine the clinical presentation of benign migratory glossitis, associated etiological factors and treatment modalities.
The patient was also incidentally found to have benign migratory glossitis associated with fissured tongue Fig 1.

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