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It appears that the end-carboxyl group of the side chain is strongly deflected from the plane of the benzene ring and the [Cs.
It seems that the partial charge does not depend markedly on the type of alkali metal and the substituent groups in the aromatic benzene ring.
binding pattern (see in the discussion above), resulting in increased stabilization of the complex by allowing more favourable conformations of the more bulky side chain of these ligands, leading to an additional Cs cation interaction with the [pi]-electron density of the benzene ring.
However, [sigma]-binding predominates in the case the substituents of aromatic ring contain electronegative atoms with lone-pair electrons and the cesium cation lies close to the plane of the benzene ring.
In our study, there were mainly two phenomenons about water absorption: (1) the water absorption of BHPF-based polybenzoxazines was slightly higher than that of analogue based on bisphenol A polybenzoxazines; (2) the water absorption increase with increasing of the content of benzene ring for the same phenol-based polybenzoxazines.
These facts show that the number of benzene rings takes little effect on the crystallization heats.
The thermo-gravimetric analysis shows that the number of benzene rings has little effect on their decomposition while the position of the substitution greatly affected the thermal stability of the polymers.
An increase of the draw ratio leads to an increase of orientation of the benzene rings in the plane of the film, so that [Mathematical Expression Omitted] has to decrease with draw ratio.
The two reflections investigated are (105) whose plane normal is close to the chain axes and (100) whose plane normal is close to the normal to the benzene ring.
4) that the measurements of the refractive indices, thanks to the cylindrical symmetry of the polarizability tensor, lead to the overall orientation of the normal to the benzene ring averaged over the crystalline and amorphous phases.
Figures 7 show that, as deformation proceeds, the normals to the benzene ring tend to be oriented perpendicularly to the draw direction [X.
AROMATICS Prices of aromatics - a group of scented hydrocarbons with benzene rings used to make a variety of petrochemicals - were also higher in December, with benzene posting the largest gains of any chemical in the Platts Global Petrochemical Index.