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The legislation, if finally passed, would remove Texas from the short list of states that don't consider bestiality a crime.
Completely disregarded are the dimensions of bestiality and heinousness of the crime.
At one point while debating with the Ombudswoman, the Limassol deputy said: "Just because there exist among us paedophiles, people who practice bestiality, necrophiliacs and other criminals, should the state legitimise their status too?
They allege that Brookes downloaded a total of 3,774 images, more than 3,600 of which were classified as "level one", showing naked children alone or with other children without sexual activity, but 37 were of the most serious level, showing sadism or bestiality.
Ritter argues that the Bible has been used throughout history to control and condemn a variety of sexual behaviors, from masturbation to bestiality, when in reality most were not forbidden in the Old Testament or by Jesus.
The complaints came in as a protest after the Television and Licensing Authority (TELA)classified a sex column in a student magazine indecent for references to incest and bestiality, Reuters reported.
Under English law, the maximum sentence for a person found guilty of bestiality is two years in prison.
Dubbing those who would use sacred texts to instruct others in what is and is not appropriate sexually as "controllers", Sex, Lies, and the Bible takes the stance that neither masturbation, incest, adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, or bestiality are necessarily crimes prohibited that the Bible--that these acts were not necessarily denounced by the Old Testament, or in some cases, Jesus Christ himself.
It goes on of course, but so does bestiality and we don't want shouts of "Brace yerself Schmeichel" at teatime either.
He includes a very clear-headed treatment of Biblical laws about adultery and the status of women [Chapters 8 and 9], monogamy [Chapter 10], and various kinds of "bad sex" such as incest, sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, and rape [Chapter 13].
From the beginning it backed such measures as abortion on demand up to 22 weeks' gestation; fetal experimentation; the elimination of the crime of incest between brother and sister; a reduction in the age of consent for sexual intercourse from 18 to 14; the decriminalization of prostitution and keeping a bawdy house; and the elimination of the crime of bestiality.
Gaston Calmette, editor of Le Figaro, wrote, "We have had a faun, incontinent, with vile movements of erotic bestiality and gestures of heavy shamelessness.