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in prosody, placement of the syntactic pause or stop at a position other than the rhythmic pause at the end of a line, hemistich, or stanza.

In classical verse there are three kinds of enjambment: rejet is the placement of the end of a clause or sentence at the beginning of the following line, contre-rejet the placement of the beginning of a sentence at the end of the preceding line, and double-rejet the placement of the beginning of a sentence at the end of one line and its conclusion at the start of the following line.

When enjambments are used sparingly, they give a strong intonational emphasis to the parts of the sentence severed by the line’s division. If they are numerous, they produce an intonation so close to that of prose that it almost obscures the verse rhythm; this is particularly true in dramatic verse. Classicism avoided enjambment; romanticism and some poetic schools of the 20th century cultivated it. An example of enjambment from modern poetry can be seen in the following lines of M. Tsvetaeva:

It matters not to me among which
People—I shall be bristling like a captive
Lion, or from what circle of people
I shall be excluded—inevitably …


Shengeli, G. Tekhnika stikha. Moscow, 1960.


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Even now in his ludicrous role as "peace envoy" to the "Quartet" he must see himself as a George Clooney-looking, enigmatic international agent bestriding the Middle East with a watch which converts into a satellite dish.
Anyone who Imagines the art of the pantomime dame Is endangered has obviously not seen Hockley, In a range of sculpted technicol-our outfits, bestriding the stage to ad-lib banter with cast and audience members alike.
We saw him in the opening episode, bestriding the Middle East like a colossus, master of all he surveyed - and he surveyed quite a bit.
He said: "All of those years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, all of the years of playing kings and princes and speaking blank verse and bestriding the landscape of England was nothing but a preparation for sitting in the captain's chair of the Enterprise.
The sun was beating down on the Burma Road yesterday when Chelsea star Andrei Shevchenko, half-expected to be in Athens for last night's football-fest, could be seen bestriding the fairways in the pro-am with Ian Poulter and former Arsenal stars Ray Parlour and Lee Dixon.
Thus Tenacious D was born, bestriding the planet with its foul-mouthed songs of drugs, celebrity and unerring love.
Oasis are widely regarded as the defining rock 'n' roll band of the last decade, bestriding the music world since the release of debut single, "Supersonic" in 1994 to the current day whilst claiming a host of records for their own.
Air Force and the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force in the area bestriding Aomori and Akira prefectures.
The nation is the solitary colossus bestriding the world; we are at peace; economic growth is vigorous and noninflationary; unemployment rests at essentially the zero level; the federal budget has entered the terra incognita of surplus.
Colossi bestriding nations and cultures, these "moral" authorities of the free world stand for the power of almost unmediated direct action.
An outright merger would create a colossus bestriding the Atlantic, with $38 billion in annual sales, 182,000 employees, 42 million business and residential customers, and operations in 72 countries.
Within die Koolhaas masterplan, Christian de Portzamparc and Claude Vasconi have each set up `signal' office towers bestriding the TGV station while Jean Nouvel's 52000[m.