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1. The angle which one surface of a body makes with another surface when they are not at right angles.
2. See door bevel.
3. See lock bevel
4. A bevelsquare.
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It was said by his admirers that Master Beveled did not know how to run a bad race.
The Bevel-Sert is an HDPE beveled edge that connects two pipe ends.
Once in a while, you'll run into a situation requiring a beveled cut along the length of a board.
The tip of the suction coagulator has two cutouts along the beveled edge that produce a dynamic airflow, creating suction on two planes simultaneously.
Master Beveled has netted more than pounds 120,000 in 41 attempts (five wins) over hurdles, and Evans hopes that he'll get a chance from the handicapper over fences.
Infra-Tect has created a new HDPE beveled edge that not only eliminates corrosion but also adheres to OSHA standards and reduces workers' compensation claims.
Another Beveled would only need to find a little improvement on that form to figure in the finish here.
The pair will clash in Saturday's John James McManus Memorial Hurdle at Tipperary, in which Master Beveled was second to Aidan O'Brien's star a year ago.
A computer interface allows the surgeon to pre-program flap specifications unique to the individual patient, including flap diameter, depth, width, side-cut architecture, hinge location and beveled edge.
BOLD EDGE's victory in the Abernant Stakes (Listed) at Newmarket last Tuesday was a posthumous tribute to his sire Beveled, who died earlier this year at Benham Stud.
When complete, the laser flap's beveled edge allows for accurate repositioning.