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1. The angle which one surface of a body makes with another surface when they are not at right angles.
2. See door bevel.
3. See lock bevel
4. A bevelsquare.
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Sadly, Master Beveled, a multiple winner on the Flat and over hurdles, also developed colic and had six serious attacks within weeks of his arrival.
It was said by his admirers that Master Beveled did not know how to run a bad race.
As far as I'm concerned Master Beveled runs, and who knows, Istabraq might trip up
The Bevel-Sert is an HDPE beveled edge that connects two pipe ends.
With the launch of Trex Transcend Beveled Railing, Trex offers the strongest and most versatile composite railing portfolio on the market," said Ron Kaplan, chairman, president and CEO of Trex.
The tip of the suction coagulator has two cutouts along the beveled edge that produce a dynamic airflow, creating suction on two planes simultaneously.
Master Beveled has netted more than pounds 120,000 in 41 attempts (five wins) over hurdles, and Evans hopes that he'll get a chance from the handicapper over fences.
Infra-Tect has created a new HDPE beveled edge that not only eliminates corrosion but also adheres to OSHA standards and reduces workers' compensation claims.
Another Beveled would only need to find a little improvement on that form to figure in the finish here.
Pollard beveled and glued an 8-inch length inside the face of each crosspiece and side; he angled the bevels with a table saw to match the angle of the tubs' sides.
API's LAAPDs incorporate several proprietary and patented technologies, including special passivation of the beveled edge architecture and the use of neutron transmutated silicon.
Additionally, new lighting has been installed; the marble floors and walls have been buffed; a new intercom system has been added; and the entry doors will be replaced with heavy steel adorned with diamond-cut, beveled glass.