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bibcock, bib, bibb, bib tap

A faucet or stopcock which has its nozzle bent downward.
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Explaining a hotel was the most obvious way to expand on the estate, Mr Bibb said: "Our concern is that it needs to be very carefully thought out and that everyone must buy into it.
Bibb, and the excellent harmonica player Grant Dermody, performed several songs from this deeply-felt and inspirational record which is a tribute to Delta blues legend, Booker White.
Typically, Bibb has played in every position for the team to help out where he can ("One time I did nets, and we actually won the match," he pointed out with a chuckle).
Notably, eyewitnesses now told Bibb that they had picked Morales and Pillot out of the photo array--a fact that never came out at the original trial.
The 200 free features prelims and semifinals, giving Bibb the opportunity to swim a second time tonight if she qualifies among the top 16 swimmers in the prelims.
He is definitely the right person to carry this work forward as we drive ahead to complete the reorganization," said Bibb.
By being able to offer the National Dream product on the MSN Latino site, National City will be able to reach out to a large number of Latino consumers in their own language, said Bibb.
On August 13, the Bibb County jury deliberated for about six hours before finding Wright not guilty on all charges.
The son of Leon Bibb, a well-known singer in folk circles and the nephew of jazz composer John Lewis, he was raised within a broad community of musicians.
Born in New York in 1951 Eric is the son of 1960s folk singer Leon Bibb and godson of singer,actor and activist Paul Robeson.
With his focus on the representation of marriage within the narratives of Henry Bibb and William and Ellen Craft, Heglar makes at least two important interventions.
BLUES singer Eric Bibb is returning to Ireland for a series of concerts to mark his new album.