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bibcock, bib, bibb, bib tap

A faucet or stopcock which has its nozzle bent downward.
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Rockwell thanked Bibb toward the end of his acceptance speech Sunday night, pointing to the actress and proclaiming, "You light my fire, baby
Henry Walton Bibb was born on May 10, 1815, to Mildred Jackson, an enslaved woman in Kentucky.
He was then struck to the head on a number of occasions with the hammer, Mr Bibb recalling the blows were 'selective and focused on his head.
Explaining a hotel was the most obvious way to expand on the estate, Mr Bibb said: "Our concern is that it needs to be very carefully thought out and that everyone must buy into it.
In April 1917, the United States joined the war against Germany and Bibb enlisted with the U.
Bibb, and the excellent harmonica player Grant Dermody, performed several songs from this deeply-felt and inspirational record which is a tribute to Delta blues legend, Booker White.
But with his 60th birthday just around the corner, Bibb is obviously the most valuable player this Lurgan-based club have ever had the privilege to have on their books.
Bibb helped defense lawyers connect the different pieces of evidence when they weren't getting it.
Afua Cooper writes a moving tale detailing the early life of Henry Bibb.
Bibb, a La Reina of Thousand Oaks graduate who recently completed her freshman year at UCLA, didn't qualify for the championship heat, but she achieved her goal of lowering her entry mark of 4:18.
MERSEYSIDE musicians are being invited to perform at the Liverpool Philharmonic as a support act for top blues' musician Eric Bibb.
4, new Lifetime co-chief marketing officers Bob Bibb and Lew Gelastein decided to promote a literal interpretation of the makeover show's title.