bid letting

bid opening

The opening and tabulation of bids submitted by the prescribed bid time and in conformity with the prescribed procedures. Also see bid time.
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Whenever separately numbered categories as to materials, equipment or services are set forth in the specifications and in the bid form, unless specifications or bid form is qualified by the statement "ALL OR NONE", bidder may submit a bid upon each, or all, or any selected number of categories, and in such case separate category shall be considered as a separate bid letting procedure, and the City of Minneapolis shall have the right to make separate awards to the lowest and best bidder in any particular category, or to the overall lowest and best bidder where it is found to be in the best interest of the City
It had ceased operations for the better part of a year following allegations of lax oversight and non-competitive bid letting.
A longtime Prairie customer and one of a pool of contractors the producer recommended Indiana RR officials to include in the bid letting, K-Five brought raft yard experience, plus concrete and asphalt competencies to Indianapolis.
The Illinois Department of Transportation's plans to replace a Route 1 South railroad bridge were once again pulled this month from the regular bid letting.
The Associated Press (AP) recently reported that board members of the Minnesota Soybean Processors have decided to postpone bid letting for a proposed $14-million, 30-gallon biodiesel production plant, thus delaying construction of the facility, which was originally scheduled to begin operating in June 2005.
5-million project in the July 15 North Carolina Department of Transportation bid letting.
The participants toured a project job site near Nashville and prepared actual bids that were opened by Tennessee Department of Transportation Construction Office personnel during a mock bid letting.
Seven tasks make up the selection stage: risk analysis, conceptual design, hardware design, system specification, hardware specification, bid letting, and bid review and supplier selection.
The system can be used to expedite product introduction cycles, engineering change notifications, buyer/supplier interaction, RFP assembly and contract bid letting, maintenance and repair of complex industrial equipment, and other processes.
This will be accomplished by reviewing MDOT s construction bid letting files and by direct contacts to the affected TSC offices.
The Company will demonstrate how DigitalPaper can enable bid letting and
This scope provides for statewide Vertical Clearance Restrictions Inventory Field Checks for overhead structures including bid letting review, survey, and submittal of survey data for all future overhead sites (including bridges) at locations to be determined.