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During The Bidding Period All Questions Pertaining To The Project Or Bid Must Be Submitted In Writing By November 4, 2015 At 3:00 P.
The bidding period, previously set to end yesterday, was extended over the weekend to December 31.
The bidding period opens at 9:00 AM Pacific on September 24, and sealed bids will be accepted until 5:00 PM Pacific on September 26.
The one-week online auction bidding period for all tracts will begin 10:00 AM CDT on April 26, 2011.
After the end of the bidding period, the Turkish carrier Atlasjet was the only bidder.
Kraft had been struggling with its own share value right through the bidding period," said one analyst.
The bidding period began Friday and lasts until Sept.
Bidding has already started and positions will close at regular intervals throughout the six-week bidding period, with the first position already closed and the last available position closing on February 29.
The bidding period ran out at noon yesterday and despite a spate of emails expressing interest in the business Craig has received no offers.
The bidding period ran out yesterday, but despite a number of e-mails expressing an interest, there were no formal bids.
Learning through experience, organizers made various modifications: they increased the number of coffees offered per auction from ten to around 30; and reduced the online bidding period to around five hours.
Plans usually are released six weeks before the bidding period begins.