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broad bend or curve in a coastline, forming a large open bay. The New York bight, for example, is the curve in the coast described by the southern shore of Long Island and the eastern shore of New Jersey. The term bight may also refer to the bay so formed.


A long, gradual bend or recess in the coastline which forms a large, open receding bay.
A bend in a river or mountain range.
An indentation in shelf ice, fast ice, or a floe.


a wide indentation of a shoreline, or the body of water bounded by such a curve


the Austral informal the major indentation of the S coast of Australia, from Cape Pasley in W Australia to the Eyre Peninsula in S Australia
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In contrast, 54 per cent took no international bights in 2007, and 24 per cent flew abroad only once
Long March Ahead: African American Churches and Public Policy in Post-Civil Bights America goes a long way in terms of addressing this disturbing pattern of omission.
Another key to fishing the bights is clearer water.
Though it still stands in the center of the city's Civil Bights District, the building has its problems.
In this work, Konvitz, professor emeritus of industrial labor relations and law at Cornell, looks at the Torah through the interpretive lens of the Constitution and the Bill of Bights.
Catches of 20 to 30 redfish a day, sometimes out of a single spot, are common when fishing the bights south of Everglades City.
Most anglers reach the West Side from lodges on the east side of the Island via the three Bights bisecting Andros.
Owen tried to rewrite Texas law to create higher barriers for women seeking legal abortions, and Pryor has called for the repeal or weakening of major provisions of the Voting Bights Act of 1965.
It is the narrowest of the Andros' bights and its angle creates a long protected lee shore.
Do what you have to do to invoke the lemon law, such as send certified letters to the manufacturer," says Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety and co-author of The Lernorz Book: Auto Bights (Moyer Bell Ltd.
Andros is actually cut in hall by a series of bights that allow access to the most pristine flats that you can imagine.