bigtooth aspen

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related to Poplar Tree, also called “Quaking Aspen” for how it sways in the wind. Whitish bark, which contains salicylin, the natural aspirin also found in willow trees for pain relief and headaches. Inner bark tea used for colds, fever, pain, stomach problems, kidney, bladder, urinary issues, venereal disease, rheumatism, arthritis, diarrhea, worms, menstrual bleeding, anti-inflammatory.
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The study was conducted in a mature bigtooth aspen ecosystem on a dry-mesic site in northern Lower Michigan.
In each plot, one randomly selected bigtooth aspen ramet from the dominant or codominant crown classes, and all individuals [greater than or equal to]1.
h] and mean height of advance regeneration with total overstory basal area and relative basal area of bigtooth aspen (as a percentage of the total), percentage of white pine advance regeneration and the mean age and age range of advance regeneration of all species on each plot.