binding wire

tie wire

An annealed iron wire, used to tie steel reinforcing bars together in reinforcement, 1.
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A further 350 kits, which include a shovel, pickaxe, adze, hammer, nails, pliers, pincers, chisel, wrench, trowel, hand saw, gloves, nylon rope, binding wire and a packing bag will be distributed in Dir this weekend, to allow returning families to repair their damaged houses and plant their kitchen gardens at the start of the spring season.
4 per cent in the price of the Chinese made binding wire (10 kg/bundle), along with the average prices of hollow concrete block decreased by 3.
Leaving a gap of five inches to allow the heat from the lamp bulb to escape, wrap a piece of material round the top of the lamp, just below the three spirals, to cover the binding wire, and stitch in place.
a Division of Standex International Corporation and sole manufacturer of Original WIRE-O(R) binding wire, for Scan-Optics' Access Services Division to perform field service on a nationwide basis.
15 mm dia conforming to IS-2721-1979, wiremesh of size 100 x 100mm incl line wires , any mesh and any type of standards ,rails , straining bolts , etc incl provision of binding wire complete all as specified and directed.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Barbed Wire, Concertina Wire, Binding Wire, Angle Iron Picket M.
Tenders are invited for Binding Wire Tinned Copper Size: 16 Swg Conforming To Is:9567/2001 Reaffiirmed 2010 .
Tenders are invited for Gi Binding Wire 14 Swg To Is 280/2006 With Amendment 1 And Is 4826/1979 With Amendment 3
5 diax 7/8 inch length (Good Quality), Binding wire, Nails Iron, Poly Bag lkg/2kg/5kg(05kg Each), Talc Sheet Best Quality, Lime (Chuna) etc.
Tenders are invited for Binding Wire Tinned Copper Size 16 Swg Conforming To Is 9567 2001 Reaffirmed 2010 .