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Materials are better and the instrument binnacle has been redesigned.
The 2013 AccuFund Partner Leadership award recipients were: Mountaineer Computer Systems, volume sales leader overall and volume leader in government sector sales; NFP Technology, volume leader in nonprofit sales; Binnacle Technology Solutions, volume leader in online sales; Computer Works NFP Solutions, volume leader in add-on sales; Inventive Software Systems, volume leader in Representative Payee sales; and, BlumShapiro, leader in installation and support excellence.
In addition, the instrument binnacle will be available with an integral 4.
The hood over the instrument binnacle helps create a cockpit effect.
Inside, there are specially designed sports seats and the BRZ's steering wheel is deliberately compact to aid rapid inputs, while the instrument binnacle features a tachometer with a digitally displayed speedo.
The stolen items include a ship's telegraph, a binnacle with compass, a ship's walker log, a bilge pump, a light starboard, a ship's two sleeved wooden block, a submarine safety lamp, a brass fishing float, an 8-inch gimbal ship's candle lamp, a 12-inch bronze cleat, a 14-inch four sided ship's lamp, two iron bellying pins and a wooden bottle with brass rings.
It also has good interior stowage solutions, including a centre stack binnacle for sunglasses, a front door stowage bin capable of holding a half-litre bottle and a pull-out sliding tray above the glove compartment.
Inside there are numerous elements shared with the Lancer which add further touches of quality such as digital information display, completely redesigned dashboard and retuned audio system while new dark and silver fit and finish, fabrics and reworked centre console and instrument binnacle all boost the quality look and feel.
As on the GT3, black rims, exterior mirrors and air intake grids form a sporting contrast also characterising the interior through the black interior design package and the circular instruments without the usual binnacle on top.
Interior changes are minor, but I like the new curved dashboard which now houses a single binnacle display containing the main instruments.
I then left him in charge, and went below to fix the binnacle light.
On the dash the centrally mounted instrument binnacle, dash mounted gearlever and overall layout indicates that the Multipla isn't a driver orientated machine.