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personal bibliography, a kind of bibliography in which information about published works is combined with biographical information on their authors and on literature devoted to them. Biobibliography is usually found in biobibliographical dictionaries and indexes. There are both current and retrospective dictionaries. The former include yearly dictionaries of contemporaries (for example, the English-language Who’s Who, 1849—) and obituaries for a given year (for example, D. D. Iazykov’s dictionary, Survey of the Lives and Works of Deceased Russian Writers, vols. 1–13. St. Petersburg-Moscow, 1885–1916, which includes persons who died between 1881 and 1893, with each yearly issue from the 1881–93 period containing information about those dying in that year). Retrospective dictionaries embrace considerably longer periods: for example, The Critical-Biographical Dictionary of Russian Writers and Scholars . .. (S. A. Vengerov, vols. 1–6, St. Petersburg, 1889–1904) and The Reference Dictionary of Russian Writers and Scholars Who Died in the XVIII and XIX Centuries. . . (G. N. Gennadi, vols. 1–3, Berlin-Moscow, 1876–1908). In the last decades, biobibliographical indexes have become numerous in the various branches of scholarship; Materials for the Biobibliography of Scholars in the USSR has been published in the USSR since 1938 in separate series for each field, as have indexes devoted to outstanding individual public figures, scientists, writers, and others.


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The above-mentioned Quebecois biobibliography of immigrant writers (1993) lists her works and describes her, moreover, as a "journaliste pigiste .
It is of interest to mention that the book has a short biobibliography of each author and a very valuable and informative prologue (by Moma Dimic) that follows the history of Serbian writing in the diaspora from its beginnings in the twelfth century to this day, listing the prominent writers, publishers, and magazines operating in the last quarter of the twentieth century.
Anna Kijas's biobibliography is thus an important new research tool for scholars of Szymanowska, providing an indispensable up-to-date guide for anyone interested in investigating the sources related to her, including her compositions and correspondence.
Although the reviewer's Biobibliography was available to him it is not aptly used.
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Having published a monumental biobibliography of composer Marc Blitzstein only a few years ago, composer-pianist Leonard J.
18) As an addition to these, the Idah, which cites and/or quotes the Mahsul in a number of instances, offers a further critical source of information - a fact duly noted by Ismail Poonawala in his monumental 1977 Biobibliography of Ismaili Literature.
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5 On him in general see the entry in Poonawala's Biobibliography, 40-42, as well as S.
Increased interest in gender studies has been reflected in a number of bibliographical and biographical sources on women's music, including Women in Music: An Encyclopedic Biobibliography, by Donald L.