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This biogas facility, because of its ability to store biogas until it's needed, is an excellent complement to renewable power generated from wind or solar, he said.
The Key players in the market include Greenlane Biogas, Cirmac, Acrona Systems, Malmberg Water, DGE GmbH, Air Liquide, Kohler and Ziegler, DMT Environmental Technology, Carbotech and Guild Associates.
However, despite having an agricultural population of around 455m, Africa's biogas sector is distinctly underdeveloped.
The advantages associated with biogas digesters may therefore come at a price and it could be questionable whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages with current biogas management practices.
German Consultant gave a briefing with regard to pilot project of biogas tubewells.
Both the Schumer and Kind-Lewis bills would provide a 30 percent investment tax credit for biogas plants, meaning owners could take the credit before the plant goes into production.
The financial and economical internal rate of return of the biogas plant was determined based on the concept that if the internal rate of return (IRR) of the biogas plant exceeds the user required rate of return, then the biogas is desirable.
The biogas contains up to 50 per cent methane, that is 23 times more harmful than CO2, a senior executive involved in the project told Gulf News.
eu, home of the Geronimo II Biogas project supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme aiming to unlock the energy potential of biogas.
Michael Dietrich, Genesis Biopartner founder, reckons that biogas projects will take off in Romania given the rich supply of organic matter found locally and its role in balancing the instable output from solar and wind installations.
COM, a worldwide provider of atmospheric gas measurement equipment, has developed a new, low-cost combination carbon dioxide and methane gas level meter for use in the biogas industry.