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The writing in chapters 4 through 7 tends to be at a level that exceeds the preparative nature of the text, so it will be of most value for active researchers in bioinorganic chemistry rather than to an introductory audience.
Forge uses a proprietary approach comprised of molecular modeling for rational drug design along with fundamental knowledge and expertise in bioinorganic chemistry to target metalloproteins.
This research was supported by the National Science Foundation, the Center for Microbial Oceanography Research and Education, the Princeton Center for BioInorganic Chemistry, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Metzler-Nolte and Schatzschneider (both bioinorganic chemistry, Ruhr-U.
Apart from a couple of omissions, this book contains a wealth of information, and I would recommend it to the clinical scientist as well as the student of bioinorganic chemistry.
The first volume gives a survey on the physical methods used to characterize inorganic compounds and materials, the second volume added the hot area of inorganic nanomaterials, the third focused on computational methods used in inorganic, and especially in bioinorganic chemistry, the fourth volume added the dimension of radiochemistry and especially the fate of radionuclides in the environment and the fifth volume concentrated on inorganic chemistry as a basic science for the technological development of new fuel cells and batteries.
Encyclopedia of inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry.
Designed for researchers in the scientific fields of bioinorganic chemistry and metal coordination, this collection of research studies addresses the links between metal ions in the environment and water and soil contamination that can lead to biological disorders in human populations.
Sedor earned a BA degree in Chemistry from Wabash College in 1966 and his PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry from the University of Florida (U of F) in 1971.
The Metallophile([R]) Technology is based on our world-class expertise in bioinorganic chemistry and an extensive understanding of metalloenzyme structure and function.
The 2008 edition has been revised to reflect new areas of interest, such as superacids and bioinorganic chemistry.
Topics include: the geochemical characteristics of rare earth elements in granitic laterites in Hainan Island, China; rare earth dodecaborides; controlled growth and property adjustment of vanadium oxide nanorods; the application of rare earth metal in bioinorganic chemistry, and Raman scattering in rare earth orthophosphates.