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In addition, the defense ministers will consider issues of improving the functioning of the unified system of state radar identification and mutual informing about the changes of radiation, chemical and biological environment.
It provides an optimal biomechanical and biological environment for natural bone ingrowth without the need to add bone graft.
They include such subjects as topography in bio-tribocorrosion, wear-corrosion mechanisms in biomaterials, fretting corrosion processes and wear mechanisms in medical implants, wear and corrosion in the loosening of total joint replacements, abrasion-corrosion mechanisms of implant materials, wear prediction in dental composites, bio-tribocorrosion and the biological environment, biofilms in the oral environment, protein adsorption of biomedical alloys, and several articles on bio-tribocorrosion in the clinical environment, including dental implants and joints.
Also, several data on their biological environment was collected, using satellite detection and genetics, while developing a plan to protect and manage protected areas of the Dugongs habitats.
What we have," said one vendor, "allows the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and Coast Guardsman to accomplish the mission in a chemical and biological environment.
The proceedings of the August 2009 conference focuses on medical materials used in actual medical devices and the complex interactions at play between device materials and the biological environment.
Many products must be protected from the chemical, physical and biological environment in order to function properly.
The tenantspin event on Wednesday, February 20, called Titanium Tenants, is part of FACT's programme looking at our relationship to the biological environment and the human body.
These scaffolds are often critical, both ex vivo as well as in vivo, as they serve some of the following purposes (Leong et al, 2003): Allow cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation; Deliver and retain cells and growth factors; Enable diffusion of cell nutrients and oxygen and Enable an appropriate mechanical and biological environment for tissue regeneration in an organised way.
This let us ask: why there is no biological environment for the problem of information retrieval.
Chapters scrutinize the architecture of root systems, roots and their physio-chemical as well as biological environment, the rhizosphere (volume of soil affected by the presence of roots of growing plants), genetic control of root system properties, and much more.
size, building materials, location, weather, physical and biological environment, working force, technical skills, purposes, security, etc.

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