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9% of the mothers of the Northern Finland Birth Cohort acknowledged feeling "depressed" or "very depressed," rates consistent with those reported in other studies using standardized depression assessment instruments.
It is restricted to include individuals born between 1980 and 1982, so that they are in the same age range across the 11 waves as the 1960s birth cohort.
Homicide mortality rates by birth cohort and age group, in all Brazilian regions showed a strong increase among women born from 1950 onward, where the highest rates were observed among women of the 1980s generation, in the 30-34 age group (Figure 3).
Of the 1945-1965 birth cohort incarcerated as of April 30, 2016, and tested under that screening practice, 647 (41 percent) had evidence of HCV antibody and 477 (30 percent) had a chronic infection.
Especially, birth cohort studies are essential to understand the life course and childhood predictors of asthma and allergy, and the complex interplay between heritable and environmental factors (Bousquet et al.
The risk of colon cancer declined "for successive generations during the first half of the twentieth century but has escalated back to the level of those born circa 1890 for current birth cohorts.
The birth cohort effect and economic growth are the most likely causes of this phenomenon.
Our 2006 Strategic Review of Panel and Cohort Studies (PDF) (external website) led to the development of CLOSER and the 2007 Scientific Case for a New Birth Cohort Study (PDF) (external website) a nationally representative birth cohort study which was planned to begin in 2012.
The data from the Congressional Budget Office show a marked decline in scores on the eighth-grade Iowa Test of Basic Skills beginning with the 1953 birth cohort and ending with the 1963 cohort.
John Chittock of the University of Sheffield (England) and his colleagues assessed the biophysical, biologic, and functional properties of the developing neonatal stratum corneum (SC) from birth to 4 weeks of age in 115 healthy term (at least 37 weeks' gestation) neonates from the OBSERVE (Oil in Baby Skincare) randomized study birth cohort recruited at Saint Mary's Hospital, Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, between September 2013 and June 2014.
As a result, during 2012-2015, HCV testing increased fourfold among those in the birth cohort across IHS clinics in 34 states.