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World-renowned physicians will be on hand to meet with patients in a private consultation, and to assist in the proper diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions related to vascular birthmarks.
GREAT RESULTS: Surgeon Tobian Muir, inset, also helped Rosie O'Brien, left - Tricia Smith, right, from Stockton, whose once-disfigured face and tongue were transformed by specialist bleomycin treatment, which also led to the dramatic improvement, left, for birthmark baby Matthew Bond.
While systemic steroids and intralesional steroid therapy - where the treatment is injected directly in the birthmark - have been widely used, they may cause side effects that a dermatologist will need to discuss with parents prior to treatment.
Aaron Fay, being named Physician of the Year by the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation was a humbling honor.
Eddy says: "They couldn't remove the birthmark surgically because it contained vital blood vessels.
She must now undergo a gruelling 16-hour operation to remove the birthmark.
Caprice spentfour hours in make-up having the port wine birthmark applied for the programme, which examines attitudes towards facial disfigurement.
A CONGENITAL melanocytic naevus is one of many different types of birthmarks that may be found on newborn babies.
But her mother, from Northfield in Birmingham, is determined her daughter will not suffer as a result of her birthmark.
Without the unsolved cases and without birthmark cases that Stevenson considers questionable, about 90 cases remain where birthmarks or birth defects on a newborn child correspond to wounds or marks on an identified deceased individual.
NEW YORK -- The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF), the leading not for profit in the world for families affected by a vascular birthmark, tumor, or syndrome, has honored Roy G.