bit stop

bit gauge, bit stop

A metal piece temporarily fixed to a bit to prevent drilling too deeply in a blind hole.
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It's been a bit stop, start but he's had a run of games and he has responded with some very good performances.
We've been a bit stop start this season but I think we are getting there, and obviously this is a massive few weeks.
Then he picked up an injury in the early part of the season so it's been a bit stop start for him.
Our start to the league has been a bit stop, start, but we have the ability and talent to click into gear.
Life can be a little bit stop and start, but for a warm and generous zodiac sign like yours, sometimes such pauses can be hard to bear.
Skipper Shaun Birbeck is happy enough with the season so far and gearing up for the final assault: "I would sum the up the season so far as pretty good, although we've been a bit stop start, and a little bit short on occasions when we've failed to win when we perhaps should have done.
We wanted to play a continuity game but it was a bit stop start.
He said: "It's been a bit stop start and hopefully my two goals can be a springboard to kick on.
So things were a bit stop start until the end of the campaign.
Wenger was philosophical but seems to be kidding himself as he said: "We are a bit stop and go.
The season has started well for us as we remain undefeated in the league but for myself it's been a bit stop start.
It has been a bit stop and start over the past few weeks.