bites and stings

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bites and stings:

see first aidfirst aid,
immediate and temporary treatment of a victim of sudden illness or injury while awaiting the arrival of medical aid. Proper early measures may be instrumental in saving life and ensuring a better and more rapid recovery.
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Bites and stings by venomous creatures are a major health hazard worldwide, contributing to both morbidity and mortality.
Bites and stings differ in the means by which the victim becomes envenomated.
There are currently no reports in the literature discussing the use of homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of bites and stings.
A questionnaire was designed to gather information about current practices with respect to treatments of bites and stings.
Willingness To Use Homoeopathic Remedies For Bites And Stings
Practitioners were asked whether they would consider, or if they would not ever consider, using homoeopathic remedies to treat different examples of bites and stings, including spider, snakes, bees and wasps.
Bites and stings vary in severity from mild bee stings to lethal snake bites with the latter a significant problem in tropical countries; particularly where access to anti-venom is limited by distance or poverty or where human populations encroach on snake habitats.
It was therefore of interest to explore the use of homoeopathy for the treatments of bites and stings.