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At the first AsiaSurf site, you have to fill in a registration form and send it in before reaching the download screen, where you'll see two choices: "Download Standard Version AsiaSurf," which includes bitmap fonts and outline fonts (about 5.
He also discusses hinting and antialiasing, methods for smoothing out and fixing up the jagged or fuzzy appearance that bitmap fonts sometimes have.
The OpenTV solution from Monotype Imaging also opens access to its worldwide font collection and enables OpenTV customers to switch from using fixed-in-size bitmap fonts to scalable fonts.
While bitmap fonts have played an effective role in the ability to render text on a device, they are fixed in size, meaning that additional storage and bitmap creation are required for every text size of every type style.
Verizon Wireless OEMs who may be thinking about switching from the use of fixed-in-size bitmap fonts to scalable alternatives can now make that transition more easily, as Verizon Wireless is offering scalable fonts for UI development for the first time.
While some manufacturers may be looking to easily transition from the use of bitmap fonts to scalable varieties, others may require a solution that satisfies scalable text needs across a wide range of products or product families.
Device manufacturers switching from the use of fixed-in-size bitmap fonts, for example, are able to efficiently integrate a scalable solution that performs similarly to bitmaps - characters display fully and predictably along even baselines.
Monotype Imaging's iType([R]) font engine, a scalable font rendering subsystem based on industry-standard TrueType([R]) and OpenType([R]) font formats, and the company's WorldType([R]) Layout Engine, a solution for enabling the composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text, will be available through QUALCOMM's BREW Font Extensions, which provide Monotype Imaging's font solution and sample typefaces for displaying scalable TrueType and BREW bitmap fonts.
Second, the technology eliminates the need for developers to embed non-scalable, fixed-in-size bitmap fonts to support small sizes.
Bitmap fonts are typically customized for every handset model within a manufacturer's product line.
Font Fusion now includes built-in support for font compression, allowing Bitstream's premier font engine to read and render industry-standard fonts, bitmap fonts, and outline fonts in compressed format.
Agfa Monotype will supply Chinese bitmap fonts for incorporation into the Symbian OS.