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(naval architecture)
A short metal or wood post on the deck of a ship used to secure mooring or other lines; usually in a pair.
To secure a line about a ship's bitt.



or cleat, a double bollard fastened to the deck of a vessel; it is used for securing a mooring line (mooring bitt) or towline (towing bitt) tied in figure eights. Bitts are usually hollow and made of steel or cast iron. On sailing vessels they are equipped with pulleys for securing and tightening certain running rigging ropes.

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It's Arnold Bitts here buddy; just wanted to say how pleased I am that you're doing the gig for me.
The girls will dash from their Sunday morning TV appearance, arriving at Newcastle Airport with very little time to spare before their appearance at the Bitts Park gig.
CHILDREN in care will see some of their favourite bands ( including Girls Aloud, Daniel Bedingfield, Estelle and Bananarama ( at the Pop to the Park 2005 concert at Bitts Park, Carlisle on Sunday.
Pop2thepark at Bitts Park, Carlisle, Cumbria, on August 7, will include headliners Daniel Bedingfield, Girls Aloud and Estelle.
The Bitts Park concert will also see performances from Daniel Bedingfield, Girls Aloud and Mobo award winner Estelle.
The venue of the race was switched after Bitts Park, where it is normally held, was severely damaged in January's floods.
POP acts Daniel Bedingfield and Girls Aloud will perform at Carlisle's Bitts Park on August 7.
The water feature at Bitts Park includes pad-activated water jets, sprays and fountains whose computer systems had to be replaced after being submerged in the floods.