black earth

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black earth:

see chernozemchernozem
or black earth,
variety of soil rich in organic matter in the form of humus. It is generally a modified type of loess. True chernozem is black in color, but there are various grades, shading off into gray and chestnut-brown soils.
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T] concentration have likely resulted in a reduction in aggregate stability for the long fallow treatment on the Black Earth soil (Table 3).
In him was a feeling that some power had sucked him deep down into the black earth, had drained all strength from him.
The largest number of acts came from the Ukraine (2,779) and Russia's Central Black earth region (1,088), with the Urals, Siberia, and the North Caucasus (all regions of the Russian Republic) not far behind.
Red earth, black earth - you come from the sea with its parched green, where ancient words are found, and the flush of labor, and geraniums among the stones .
Margaret Weis is the author of numerous Dragonlance novels; the four-volume galactic fantasy Star of the Guardian series; and co-author with her husband, Don Perrin, of The Doom Brigade, Draconian Measures, Knights of the Black Earth, Robot Blues, Hung Out and Brothers in Arms; and the author of The Soulforge.
The purpose of this event is to show that not only in the south of Russia, but also in the Black Earth region it is possible to grow grapes.
Black Earth Farming Ltd (STO:BEF-SDB) announced on Thursday that its board of directors has determined that the total amount to be distributed through its proposed mandatory share redemption programme is SEK1,501,438,967, which corresponds to SEK6.
Black Earth Farming Ltd (STO: BEF-SDB) on Tuesday announced an increase in the number of shares and votes in the company during July 2017 by 9,826,375 shares.
Cherkizovo yesterday (13 June) announced the acquisition of Voronezhmyasoprom's agricultural assets, which include a swine breeding unit (producing purebred gilts and boars), storage facilities in Voronezh and Penza regions, a feed mill and a land bank of 30,000 ha in Black Earth region.
That same strange familiarity is present for me in the damaged, alien landscape on Pen Trumau, where you can pick up a handful of the strange black earth that's made of the same carbon as your own body.
In the hospice garden, a child's laughter falling like dry leaves to the hard black earth was my father's death - the weight of a feather, as I roved out into the coming winter weather.
To me, it seems that from the silent damp of the black earth springs the essence of our British style.