black ebony

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Wood of a number of tropical species usually distinguished by its dark color, durability, and hardness; used for carving, ornamental cabinetwork, etc.
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1931 MARCH--A black ebony coffin with silver fittings inscribed: Anna Pavlova Dandre, born 3 February, 1888; died 23 January, 1931, lay in state at the Russian church in London, England, for two days.
The unlikeliest of heroes, all 18st of black ebony, scored the only try five minutes from time.
The biocomposite was introduced in four colors: Emerald, a spectrum of yellow greens with black; Sunset, shadings of cinnabar red with black; Imperial, a vibrant purple with black; and Midnight, a solid black ebony.
The stores' contemporary design features a brushed black stainless steel facade that opens to a gracious environment of grayish white wall surfaces and Mondrian-inspired framework, with black ebony wall showcases.
It features upgraded ightweight aluminium alloy wheels, black ebony leather interior and the optional McIntosh CD player and digital radio.