black locust

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black locust:

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in botany, any species of the genus Robinia, deciduous trees or shrubs of the family Leguminosae (pulse family) native to the United States and Mexico. The locusts have pendent clusters of flowers similar to the sweet pea; these are very fragrant in the black, or
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Black Locust


(in Russian, white acacia), false acacia {Robinia pseudpacacia), a tree of the family Leguminosae, often grown in the south of the USSR.

locust, black locust, red locust

Wood of the locust tree; coarse-grained, strong, hard, decay-resistant, and durable; used in construction, esp. for posts.
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Black locust is a fast-growing species that could be cultivated on marginal land as an energy and fiber crop.
After breaking through quarantine in Brooklyn and Queens last fall, the beetles have been sucking the life-blood out of maple, horse chestnut, poplar, willow, elm, ash and black locust with virtual impunity on their long march to the hardwood forests of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire.
Among the creative recipes you'll find Curried Daylilies, Wild Carrot Croquettes, Sesame Rice with Stinging Nettles, Fiddleheads Almondine, Wisteria Sourdough Pancakes, Wild Garlic Salad, Black Locust Vanilla Pudding, and so much more.
Air pollution has reduced the growth of the park's tulip poplar, green ash, sweet gum, black locust, eastern hemlock, pitch pine, and various plant species as well.
There is a legend about the tenacity of the black locust mentioned in the book "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier.
On a 14-square-mile wildlife preserve called The Wilds, zebra and rhinoceros roam the rolling plains while giraffe munch black locust leaves.
As of this writing, our termite B & B still stands, but only because it once was surrounded by five towering black locust trees.
The chemical responsible for the aroma -- methyl anthranilate -- is also found in such fragrant flowers as black locust, tuberose, orange and, yes, jasmine.
Among the trees planted were northern red oak, white oak, sycamore, sugar maple, white ash, black cherry, black locust, red bud and various pines.
Climbing into my stand 25 feet above a maze of deer paths, I remained hidden in the cluster of black locust trees.
We cannot wear them very far from our house due to thorns, prickers and black locust needles.