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Early writers on cookery class puddings and dumplings together. The earliest puddings were boiled in a bag or cloth. Later they were placed in a buttered bowl, covered with a cloth, and steamed. The baked or chilled puddings evolved even later. Puddings are classed as those served with meat, such as Yorkshire pudding (batter baked under the meat or in the drippings), or which form the meat course, such as Sussex pudding (a large dumpling filled with meat instead of fruit), and those served as a sweet or dessert, such as almond, cabinet, and suet puddings, plum or Christmas pudding, and Indian pudding, as well as puddings made with milk, eggs, rice, sago, tapioca, arrowroot, cornstarch, bread crumbs, and fruit. Custards are included by some writers, and jellied fruits by others. An early use of the word, as in black pudding or white pudding, referred to forms of sausagesausage,
food consisting of finely chopped meat mixed with seasonings and, often, other ingredients, all encased in a thin membrane. Although sausages were made by the ancient Greeks and Romans, they were usually plain and unspiced; in the Middle Ages people began to use the
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Well, that is until I discovered that the main regional feature of the burger is that black pudding.
Cook the black pudding on the griddle or under the grill for a few minutes on each side till cooked through.
So too was the slice of sourdough that sat under the doorstep of black pudding.
Ms Truss said: "I want our children to grow up enjoying the taste of British apples as well as Cornish sardines, Norfolk turkey, Melton Mowbray pork pies, Wensleydale cheese, Herefordshire pears and of course black pudding.
Chef Glynn Purnell, pictured, suggests Scotch egg, grilled black pudding, and sour apple sauce with cream of onion soup as a tasty alternative to chocolate eggs this weekend
Pork and apple have long been happy associates, but the extra element of black pudding makes this a sausage to generate sales.
The Black Pudding comes under Lidl UK's own label, Hazelmeade Farm, and is produced for them by the family-run supplier, Pork Traders, in Liverpool.
London restaurants including celebrity haunt The Wolseley - popular with celebrities including Ralph Fiennes and Sienna Miller - now serve black pudding as part of a fry-up.
Scottish food company The Store has created two for even the most demanding foodie: the 1886 egg, made with pork and sage (rsp: [pounds sterling]3 for three large eggs), and Black Magic, a quail's egg encased in black pudding (rsp: [pounds sterling]3 for six small eggs).
The funds are used each year to dish up traditional Irish breakfasts, including soda bread, black pudding and white pudding, with orange squash.
Pork replaces lamb, squash replaces turnips and black pudding gives a peppery bite to contrast with the sweetness of cranberries.