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The lyrics of the Blackleg Miner were brutal and hard-hitting telling of how miners in two Northumberland villages exacted revenge on so-called scabs.
The song includes the words: "Oh, Delaval is a terrible place, they rub wet clay in the blackleg's face, and round the heaps they run a foot race, to catch the blackleg miner.
Although there was some blackleg labour, the strike seemed solid, especially in the North East.
Bullies and Blacklegs Brenda Wyn Jones Gwasg Gwynedd, pounds 3.
WITH ministers' tacit approval, fire service chiefs are planning to hire foreign blacklegs to smash any industrial action by the Fire Brigades Union.
Essential services were being provided thanks to `volunteers', otherwise known as blacklegs, which the Government had helped to set up nine months earlier when it saw the strike looming.
Next thing, he will be locking them out and bussing in blacklegs to do their jobs.