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The Ref RENAMED Hostile Hostages for its straight-to-rental release in the UK, this blackly comic yuletide tale tells of a misanthropic cat burglar forced into turning marriage counsellor one night after taking prisoner a warring couple-from-hell.
The Kitchen" puts the workplace center stage in a blackly funny and furious examination of life lived at breakneck speed, when work threatens to define who we are.
The Beaver is a blackly humorous tale of a middle-aged man's emotional breakdown, which sensitively deals with themes of mental illness, suicide and self-belief, plumbing some very dark nooks of the human psyche.
But even in what may be called the commonplace, the author collides with circumstances by turns blackly comic, sinister, hilarious, and bleak: a hopeless widow who cannot hang on even to the living that Esti provides her; a shiftless hero who saved Esti's life but refuses to vacate his apartment; a young man suffering through a sinister first kiss from an insane young girl.
Well, in this post-apocalyptic romantic comedy based on the blackly humorous book by Isaac Marion, it's certainly a little cross-eyed as a feisty teenager sparks an unexpected attraction to a zombie.
Sixteen years after Davies' Queer As Folk shook up the TV landscape, Cucumber and Banana explore gay life in 21st century Manchester in hilarious, joyous, and blackly comic detail.
Rating: 7/10 Thoughtful THE trials of Mel Gibson, whose rants to an ex-girlfriend were caught on tape last year, seem like a curious case of life imitating art, in this blackly humorous tale of a middle-aged man''s emotional breakdown.
Scenes flowed from the blackly comic to the disturbing.
But where "Weeds" peddles the notion that pot numbs people to the pangs of suburbia, "Breaking Bad" deals out the blackly comic question of 2008: How much worse is crystal meth to the hell we're already living in?
To allay her fears, Sonny drops his pants and shows Momma the Daddy tattooed blackly on his calf.
Through the soldiers' eyes, the war unfolds as a series of poignant and sometimes blackly humorous episodes in boot camp and then in the scorching desert heat.
Blackly funny and shot through with anger and passion - a shocking work of imaginative fiction.