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in law, exaction of money from another by threatthreat,
in law, declaration of intent to injure another by doing an unlawful act, with a view to restraining his freedom of action. A threat is distinguishable from an assault, for an assault requires some physical act that appears likely to eventuate in violence, whereas a
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 of exposure of criminal action or of disreputable conduct. The term was originally used for the tribute levied until the 18th cent. upon the inhabitants of the Scottish border to provide immunity from raids by Scottish bands. Statutes often treat blackmail as a form of extortionextortion,
in law, unlawful demanding or receiving by an officer, in his official capacity, of any property or money not legally due to him. Examples include requesting and accepting fees in excess of those allowed to him by statute or arresting a person and, with corrupt
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See also Bribery.
Blackness (See NIGHT.)
Blasphemy (See APOSTASY.)
adventurer and extortionist. [Br. Lit.: Little Dorrit]
extorts to achieve personal ends. [Br. Lit.: Barnaby Rudge]
threatens murder and dishonor to bed Lucretia. [Rom. Lit.: Fasti; Livy; Br. Lit.: The Rape of Lucrece]
Wegg, Silas
attempts to blackmail Boffin. [Br. Lit.: Our Mutual Friend]
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But judges including Mr Justice Hickinbottom, sitting at the Criminal Appeal Court in London, said a substantial "loss of liberty was inevitable" to send a clear message to blackmailers.
The 19-year-old Arab woman said the blackmailer claimed to have photos of her in nightclubs and on beaches and threatened to send the pictures to her family or post them online if she didn't hand over money.
WEDNESDAY derailed itv2 9pm Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen star in this thriller as two married business executives who meet on a train and have an affair, but soon find themselves at the mercy of a blackmailer out to ruin their lives.
The court in the western city of Makkah also endorsed the 150 lashes decided by a lower court against the blackmailer who had taken the woman to a flat where he beat and raped her before taking pictures and stealing her mobile.
It involves identifying a blackmailer, who is demanding $50,000 per month of Bishop to not disclose how he hacked into the site and is able to give the FBI all the background needed to prosecute.
18 met the blackmailer on a social networking site and handed over a "video of a private nature".
The situation had even prevented her from getting married because she was afraid the blackmailer would contact her husband, said Al-Shulail.
According to the report, the footballer, a father, is the second Premier League star in many weeks to face an alleged blackmailer, with the previous case involving a female football fan, who demanded a large amount of cash from a married player in return for deleting a steamy sex texts he had sent her after apparently agreeing to a one-night stand.
She panics when she discovers that her blackmailer is actually Seth's new girlfriend and she plans to expose Jasmine at the school disco.
A BLACKMAILER who demanded a pounds 500 ransom after seizing a bird of prey has been jailed after being tracked down by police.
But when four stunningly beautiful trophy wives hire him to protect them against a blackmailer threatening to expose their infidelities, even he must admit they look like trouble.
PAGE 3 Glorious food THOUSANDS of foodies are in their element with the opening of the Good Food Show at the NEC PAGE 3 Blackmail jailing A BLACKMAILER who called himself Scorpio after a character in the Clint Eastwood movie Dirty Harry in a bid to extort millions of pounds from a Birmingham supermarket was today behind bars.