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When raising the question of Blackness to the World, no matter if of the Subject or the Object, the Black Feminist Poethicist learns that the World itself cannot be taken for granted; she is Black and Female, much like the Black Feminist Critic names herself with Categories that announce the task Barbara Christian intimates has become life itself.
The editors' intentions with this collection reveal just how complex the examination of blackness in opera can be, especially when one moves beyond content, plots, locales, and librettos.
The essays draw attention to the historical specificity of blackness in the antebellum period to consider its peculiarities and particularities.
After this, I discuss the function of blackness and blackface within comic theory at of the turn of the century, in particular in the writings of Theodor Lipps and Emile Kraepelin.
The investigation into Walcott's reclaiming of blackness will derive its basic foundations from linguistic precedents that have been established regarding metaphor's powers to institute both semantic change and conceptual change.
Finally, the median value for the blackness index is much lower at 0.
Foster's broad religious and philosophical canvas widens the lens from the Blackness = evil connection to expose the contradictory meanings of Blackness (and Whiteness).
Lhamon claims that Rice's ability to satisfy white desire for blackness was at the heart of his popularity.
More important, the issue here is clearly not Gannibal's blackness, which is only tangentially referred to in the original attack, (4) but the slur on Gannibal's social status.
Visualisations of blackness are almost always imbued with political meaning, but Sherald presents the interior lives of her figures without editorialising about them.
At the same time, and as a result of its origins and popular association with blackness, the genre is discursively linked to hegemonic racial hierarchies reified in dominant discourses of race and national identity in Puerto Rico, the United States, and throughout much of the African diaspora.
For most black people, the discovery of blackness is not one of discovering that one is black, but rather, discovering what blackness means in the larger racial system of the US.