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name for several trees, especially an acaciaacacia
, any plant of the large leguminous genus Acacia, often thorny shrubs and trees of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). Chiefly of the tropics and subtropics, they are cultivated for decorative and economic purposes.
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Algernon (Henry). 1869--1951, British novelist and short- story writer; noted for his supernatural tales
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Author Chase Blackwood, a veteran of both the US Army and Air Force, has released book 1 in his new fantasy series, The Kan Savasci Cycle.
Steven and Cindi Blackwood and their daughter Ariel.
36) Blackwoods Edingburgh Magazine, November 1831, 751.
Thus, although the notion of racial difference is seen to justify what is perceived in Lord Jim as a universal human egotism, Englishness is subtly but consistently privileged over other nationalities, indirectly reaffirming colonial discourse in the novel and flattering the patriotic reader of Blackwoods Magazine where the novel was first serialized.
An article published in Blackwoods magazine in 1818, "People and Prospects of the Philippines," notes that almost all of the 5,000 military men stationed in the Philippines in the late 18th century were not Spaniards, not Castillians, but "South Americans.
13) Margaret Oliphant, Novels, 102 BLACKWOODS EDINBURGH MAG.
The recalled models include Ford F-150s from the 1997-2004 model years, F-250s from the 1997-1999 model years, and Lincoln Blackwoods from the 2002-2003 model years, that were sold in 21 cold weather states.
Songs: "We Blackwoods," "Gossip," "Spring Is Coming," "The Last of Our Slow, Lovely Days," "I'm Dreaming," "His Beautiful Thought," "Cleaning/On the Moon," "The Stomp," "I Know You," "She Didn't Get Very Far," "Come to Me," "Smoke," "Fire," "Believe Me," "Everything That Grows," "Yellow Flower.
The niche category, in the widest sense of it, is quite buoyant because people are looking for more unusual things," said Richard Ambler, managing director of UK-based Blavod Wines and Spirits, which produces Blavod Black Vodka, Blackwoods gin and Jago's Vanilla Vodka Cream liqueur among other spirits.
Constance tends the garden, while Merricat concocts magical charms to protect the Blackwoods from the townspeople's accusatory eyes and nasty gossip.