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name for several trees, especially an acaciaacacia
, any plant of the large leguminous genus Acacia, often thorny shrubs and trees of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). Chiefly of the tropics and subtropics, they are cultivated for decorative and economic purposes.
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Algernon (Henry). 1869--1951, British novelist and short- story writer; noted for his supernatural tales
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Blackwood could see the real estate bubble building and started developing his REO services business in time to capitalize on the fallout.
The Blackwoods said they paid Mr Peters pounds 17,800 for an extension at their home in Erdington Hall Road, Erdington.
With regard to your article on the shuttle buses in Acadia National Park [Regional Report, November/December 1999], I found it delightful to take the shuttle from Blackwoods campground to Bar Harbor and beyond.
Participating suppliers included: Alpha Trading & Supply, Amsted Maxion, Atkins Carlyle, Blackwoods, Canadian Bearings, Corporate Express, Crescent Electric, Fastenal, Ferreteria Prat, Finning, Glenvalve, Hyster, Marmon/Keystone, Motion Industries, Inc.
He went on to perform with the legendary Stamps Quartet, as well as the equally noted Blackwoods and the Oak Ridge Boys.
Blackwoods campground requires reservations (call 800-365-2267).
Uwe Boll (House of the Dead, Blackwoods, Sanctimony, Heart of America) serving as director and producer.
Blackwoods Campground in the park is open--and free all winter.
grand opening ceremony is planned to be a patriotic program with bagpipe music, celebrity musical salutes by the Grammy Award-winning Blackwoods, and official military color guard presentations.
Lincoln Blackwoods will come off the assembly line and be driven to a special area of the plant, where components such as the box, side cladding, consoles, cell phones and navigation systems will be installed.
In 1996, Blackwoods, Australia's leading industrial MRO distributor, selected Datastream as the first software supplier in the Blackwoods distribution network.