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A mass of undifferentiated protoplasm capable of growth and differentiation.



in the study of regeneration, the accumulation of homogeneous, nonspecialized cells on the surface of a wound after amputation of an organ. Tissues of the organ that is being restored are formed from blastemas in the course of regeneration.

In embryology: (1) a group of cells from which a new individual develops by asexual reproduction in some multicellular animals (Coelenterata, worms, Ascidia, and others); (2) the surface layer of cytoplasm in the cen-trolecithal ova of many arthropods. By means of fine outgrowths the blastema is connected to the cytoplasm, which surrounds the nucleus situated in the center of the ovum.

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Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x100) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
High power of the edge of the tumour shows osteoid with osteoblasts on the left and mitotically active blastemal cells at the centre.
Blastomas can be biphasic with epithelial and sarcomatous elements; however, carcinosarcomas do not show a primitive blastemal component.