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A mass of undifferentiated protoplasm capable of growth and differentiation.



in the study of regeneration, the accumulation of homogeneous, nonspecialized cells on the surface of a wound after amputation of an organ. Tissues of the organ that is being restored are formed from blastemas in the course of regeneration.

In embryology: (1) a group of cells from which a new individual develops by asexual reproduction in some multicellular animals (Coelenterata, worms, Ascidia, and others); (2) the surface layer of cytoplasm in the cen-trolecithal ova of many arthropods. By means of fine outgrowths the blastema is connected to the cytoplasm, which surrounds the nucleus situated in the center of the ovum.

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While a limb blastema can produce its own FGF-2, the scientists believe it needs an initial supply from nerves before it becomes self-sufficient.
The most significant seems to be that the worms do not dedifferentiate cells to create the blastema.
Wherever planaria are cut, the neoblasts migrate to the site and form a blastema by themselves.