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a light-coloured marking on the face of a domestic animal, esp a horse


A single assignment language for parallel processing.

["The BLAZE Language: A Parallel Language for Scientific Programming", P. Mehrotra <> et al, J Parallel Comp 5(3):339-361 (Nov 1987)].
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And the horses shook themselves, and the dogs jumped up and barked; the pigeons took their heads from under their wings, and looked about and flew into the fields; the flies on the walls buzzed again; the fire in the kitchen blazed up; round went the jack, and round went the spit, with the goose for the king's dinner upon it; the butler finished his draught of ale; the maid went on plucking the fowl; and the cook gave the boy the box on his ear.
Mary's technical and business accomplishments have blazed trails for The Boeing Company and her leadership has blazed trails for so many women engineers and technologists.
Blazed applications can be changed on the fly, allowing e-business offerings to respond quickly to changing market conditions, business practices, and customer preferences.