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any slender silvery European cyprinid fish of the genus Alburnus, esp A. lucidus, occurring in slow-flowing rivers



(Alburnus alburnus), a freshwater school fish of the family Cyprinidae. The bleak may measure up to 20 cm in length and weigh as much as 60 g. The mouth is directed forward; the scales fall off easily. Distributed in river basins of Western Europe and the European part of the USSR, the fish lives in slow-moving rivers and is numerous in reservoirs. It spawns intermittently from May through July each year after attaining sexual maturity at the age of three years. The female produces 3,000–10,500 eggs, which it deposits on plants. The bleak feeds on plankton and algae. It serves as food for a number of predatory fishes and is fished commercially.


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More recently--and more bleakly, at least for those who support unfettered cyberspeech--a magistrate has ordered a Web hosting company to reveal the anonymous parties responsible for truthatulm.
There are three or four significant kinds of buyers," Bleakly continues, "people who live alone, roommates who are not related to each other, and empty-nesters with money jingling in their pockets that they want to spend on upgrades.
BUT two yards is indeed a pitiful response, although in this week of discussion about Sunday racing there could be few more bleakly informative illustrations of how heavy the demands are that we are placing on stable staff.
He might stress, in this regard, that More calls Utopia the "best republic," not "ideal," perhaps because to show that the best is not ideal is to comment, somewhat bleakly, on our fallen world.
Early Warhols like Eat were unedited 30-minute takes that gazed unflinchingly at their bleakly unlit subjects.
While HR organizations peddle "recruitment and retention" seminars, headhunters forage through resumes, only to bleakly report to their clients that "all the good ones are taken.
They stare bleakly or accusingly out toward the audience.
Two directions taken by the modern spy story were typified by Ian Fleming's enormously popular James Bond thrillers, which emphasized technological marvels much in the manner of science-fiction fantasy, and John Le Carre's bleakly realistic stories such as The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.
Pricked by the North star's spur all night our lovelocked bodies urged the heartless muscles on further than they could go until as bleakly blue day broke hand-in-glove we breathless grasped la petite mort--your forked ecstasy, choked cry, my sea urchin, a lost child sobbing for her father.
Thatcher, his origins were middle-class and bleakly Protestant.
Though Tibet itself, bleakly inhospitable, has little to conquer, it occupies critical ground between Russia, China and India.