blended winglets


A small, nearly vertical, winglike surface usually shaped like the airfoil section attached to the wing tip. The surface may or may not have control surfaces. It is generally located rearward above the wing tip and is effective in reducing the induced drag by reducing the spilling of high-pressure air beneath the wing to a lower pressure above the wing. Two small vortices create less drag than one huge vortex; thus, they create less of a hazard to aircraft following on approach through a less-induced wake turbulence. Winglets are most effective at a low speed or high alpha, where the induced drag is the highest. They may produce a forward component of lift as well as reduce the induced (vortex) drag, thus improving the range of long-range as well as short-range commuter jets. Also called wing-tip winglets, blended-wing tips, blended winglets, tip sails, or wing-tip sails. See also wing-tip sail.
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In addition to the 5-7% improvement in fuel burn, Blended Winglets have reduced global CO2 emissions by approximately 80 million tons.
THE NEW DESIGN IS A REFINEMENT OF THE Blended Winglets developed by Aviation Partners Boeing.
APB estimates that Blended Winglets have saved airlines worldwide over 4 billion gallons of jet fuel to-date.
APBOs Blended Winglets are now featured on thousands of Boeing aircraft in service for numerous American and international airlines.
The company currently does not plan to retrofit it on 737NGs equipped with blended winglets from Seattle-based Aviation Partners, said Beverly Wyse, 737 program general manager.
API's Blended Winglets are an addition to the aircraft wing tip which is designed to efficiently add effective wingspan, reduce the drag caused by wingtip vortices to increase fuel efficiency and boost range.
In a separate deal, flydubai also signed an agreement worth $50 million for blended winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing (APB).
C[yen] In a separate deal, flydubai also signed an agreement worth $50million US for blended winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing (APB).
Blended Winglets, a performance-enhancing technology developed by Aviation Partners for the Gulfstream II and BBJ business jets, are changing the way airlines fly in Europe.
Blended Winglets are additions to the airplane wing that are significantly more efficient than standard wing tips.