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A mixture so combined as to render the parts indistinguishable from one another.



in textile production, the mass of different fibers, mixed well in assigned proportions, from which yarn is made. The blend is usually formed by putting layers of preloosened material on top of one another and then selecting materials from all layers on the cross-section or by continuously feeding fiber material from different points into one stream.

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Language is a slippery medium in the fifth sonnet of 'In Whose Blent Air'.
Oedipus fears mass destruction of the city of Thebes ("with the god's good help success is sure; 'tis ruin if we fail," line 146), while the words "weltering surge of blood" (line 24), "fiery plague" (line 166), "the land is sore distressed" (line 685), and "wailing on the altar stair, wives and grandams rend the air, long-drawn moans and piercing cries blent with prayers and litanies" (lines 184-186) (2,3) all illustrate vividly the severity of the situation.
Nothing loath, his bowsman hauled him up and up, through a blinding foam that blent two whitenesses together; till of a sudden the boat struck as against a sunken ledge, and keeling over, spilled out the standing mate.
Soma was always associated with Indra, as the Soma Pavanana of the Rig Veda attests with verse 15: (Griffith 1896) "Over the cleansing sieve have flowed the Soma, blent with curdled milk, Effused for Indra Thunder-armed.
The church building exercises this influence because, as Larkin's speaker concludes, it serves as a receptacle for peoples' thoughts, a place in which the focus of one's mind can go beyond the demands of the everyday and seek out something deeper and more lasting; a form, perhaps, of wisdom: "A serious house on serious earth it is / In whose blent air all our compulsions meet / Are recognized, and robed as destinies" (Collected 97).
Au contraire Claire, reading is in a bent hoop belle of oval what blatant Valerie blent is what that, obviously.
A serious house on serious earth it is, In whose blent air all our compulsions meet, Are recognized, and robed as destinies.
Liddell Kelly ends his sonnet 'May conquering and conquered blood be blent / And breed new beauty and virility
Phillip Blent jumped into action when little Dylan Forbes's mum saw smoke pouring from her window and heard a tiny cry of "Mum".
As he faces "another world" than combat, the narrator has a spasm of anger at Bland, which passes as "The band blent with the cold along the bones" (428).
Viola: 'Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white Nature's own sweet and cunning hand laid on.
I dream of a Ledaean body, bent Above a sinking fire, a tale that she Told of a harsh reproof, or trivial event That changed some childish day to tragedy -- Told, and it seemed that our two natures blent Into a sphere from youthful sympathy, Or else, to alter Plato's parable, Into the yolk and white of the one shell.