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uk CLUBS TONIGHT Freeze Presents Super Weird Happening: With music from Blind Arcade, Greg Wilson and Kermit plus appearances from artists and writers including John Higgs.
Howard Marks will be in conversation and there will be a performance from Blind Arcade, Kermit Leveridge's Black Grape, Ruthless Rap Assassins.
The event takes in talk, live art, visuals, photography, a Blind Arcade performance, and a three–hour Greg Wilson DJ finale.
The front, by Vilhelm Dahlerup, was opened in 1897 and is a cheery exercise in free classicism with a blind arcade of free-standing granite columns against polychromatic brickwork.
And, after teaming up with long time pal Merseyside disco legend and comeback kid Greg Wilson, he is enjoying making music again, this time as Blind Arcade.
This summer Greg and Kermit put out the fabulously-titled life affirming and uplifting free "mixtape" Blind Arcade Meets Super Weird Substance In The Morphogenic Field and Kermit is looking forward to getting back in the studio.
The arrangement is vaguely Renaissance, with a base course comprising the bottom two storeys (an almost blind arcade and a first floor with wooden shutters).
He will be joined by Blind Arcade live with DJ sets from Black Grape's Kermit, Organic Gav, Bernie Connor, Derek Kaye, Danny Fitzgerald, Autocycle and more.
The facades form a subtly layered skin which is given articulation by recessing the ground floor slightly to expose the round, in situ concrete columns, forming a blind arcade.
Hacienda legend Greg Wilson will be taking part in the Super Weird Happening at The Observatory, alongside Blind Arcade and Kermit and Organic Gav.
He is launching a new record label with long time pal Kermit, formerly of Black Grape (with Shaun Ryder) and now of Blind Arcade, and next month a remix of Greg's - created with another long time pal Derek Kaye (more of him later) - will feature on Fatboy Slim's World Cup album.