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Open Competition: the repair of the roof and blind area of transformer substations in Zavolzhsky near Tver
In another, two divers kneeled back-to-back to eliminate the blind area.
The intention of Surefire is to offer housing providers, private landlords and private residents the cs hance to access ECO funding and Green Deal; they have a tailored retrofit package that is OJEU compliant, gives direct access to ECO and is flexible enough to enable tenure blind area retrofit that is a catalyst for local regeneration.
The definitions are concise and to the point, for example, Ring scotoma, in the Spectacles section, is defined as 'A ring of blind area in a high-plus lens created by the prismatic effect from the thick centre to the thin edge.
We can all think of scenarios that are almost an automatic setup for a mishap: boxes stacked too near a doorway, in a blind area, or so high they're unstable; using damaged or faulty tools, office furniture, or equipment instead of repairing or replacing them; or simply doing something blatantly dumb.
There is also an area, called the Blind area or 'Blind spot', in which the people around us are able to recognise traits, habits or characteristics to which we ourselves are oblivious.
He had a blind area on the right hand side and he couldn't see the ball very well.
Then, to compound the problem, crossing over three-phase power lines was necessary for the bore to reach its destination, which typically creates electrical interference and a blind area for tracking devices.
Twenty soil samples were collected randomly from inside each blind area during all sampling dates totaling 240 samples.
It's taking information falling within a scatoma, or blind area, and taking it out and putting it onto viable [parts of the] retina.
The roof was built in two halves, with one built on the blind area and moved with the blind.