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block book.

Before and after the invention of printing from movable types in the mid-15th cent., some books were printed in Europe from engraved wooden blocks, with one block for each page. This method was developed by the 9th cent. A.D. in China. The practice has a richer history in the East than in the West since the number of characters used in Chinese writing made printing from movable type exceedingly difficult. Chinese and Japanese illustrated block books are often beautifully printed in colors. European block books, on the contrary, were crude and inexpensive. They were, however, the first examples of printed book illustration in the West. The best-known block book is the Biblia pauperum [poor man's Bible].
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Clubs and organisations can block book sessions during evenings and at weekends by phoning 01484 234127.
We asked for the booking line hours to be extended and made sure we gave the new people our journey requirements and we can now block book.
The car giant has spent about pounds 6million to block book airtime in countries around the world and is thought to be the largest ever screening of one commercial.
They have been ringing us for weeks asking to block book theatres.
Catherine and husband Michael Douglas, 58, are paying pounds 10,000 (pounds 14,000) to block book the city's Morgans Hotel next month.
About 800 cabin staff are working to rule over plans to use a Delta crew member on Dublin - New York flights as part of a deal letting the US airline block book 40 seats.
Under the new deal, Delta will block book 40 seats on each Aer Lingus flight to New York, with one of its cabin crew replacing an Aer Lingus member of staff on board.
Among this year's visitors will be retired teacher Jan Smith, 62, of Andover, Hampshire, who describes herself as 'Head Fantoine' and she block books concert tickets so fans can sit together, hands out merchandise promoting Jonathan Antoine's website and keeps runs a dedicated website.
When I'm paging through quilt block books, the blocks are usually shown either in color or grayscale, sometimes with actual fabric.
Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, the conservation of the First Minute Book of the Commission of Sewers in Surrey and Kent, the construction of a database of early hand-made Finnish paper, and the history of repairs and rebinding of 15th century block books in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.