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coreboard, Brit. battenboard

A wood-base panel used in plywood or laminated core constructions; the core, 1, to which faces are glued.

strip core, blockboard, loose core, strip board

A composite board; a coreboard whose core is made up of strips of wood, either laid separately or glued together; veneer is glued to both faces of the core strips with its grain at right angles to that in the strips.
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Influence of joint type used in core layer on the mechanical properties of blockboard veneered with different wood species.
MTP had a production capacity 80,000 cubic meters of plywood, 20,000 cubic meters of blockboard, 27.
A quick coat of primer and paint to blend the blockboard and facings in with the ceiling and you have an almost invisible entrance to your attic.
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PT Mangole Timber Producers (MTP), located on the island of Mangole, North Maluku, operates in wood-based industry with an annual production capacity of 80,000 m3 of plywood, 20,000 m3 of blockboard, 27,000 m3 of sawntimber and 20,000 m3 of dry kiln timber.
For a curved corner bath, first you have to make a semi-circular blockboard or plywood profit.
Gaboon is more widely used in Africa, of course, and in England and France where it is mostly used for plywood, blockboard and for backing.
8% and chipmill, blockboard and other related industries for the remaining 27.
I cut the door from blockboard, sanding smooth the sawn edges, then fitted 21 2 ins flush hinges.
Carpentry BA I-III- Lockers, wooden veneer of blockboard,Height 1,70 m, depth about 0.
The Indonesian Standard SNI 03-3528-1994 recommended that appropriate preservatives for timber are borax, copperchrome-arsenate (CCA), copper-chrome-boron (CCB), copper-chrome-fluoride (CCF), and boron-fluoride-chromearsenate (BFCA); Hoesin (2007) and Kartal and Ayrilmis (2005) claimed that blockboard specimens with boron-treated veneers demonstrated increased durability against decaying fungi and termite attack.
These business groups generally have their own forest concessions and operate wood-processing plants which produce a whole range of products to include plywood, decorative plywood, blockboard, sawn timber, woodworking, and particle board or MDF (medium density board).