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If you know that you have one of these blood groups and you can donate please take action now and walk in and donate - you will save lives.
Here's how your blood group could affect your health
1) of blood group discrepancies in our lab, labelled as A2 or A2B, A3 and Bx.
Some patients with minor blood group incompatibility may be asymptomatic or clinical pictures ranging from active hemolysis to neonatal jaundice requiring exchange transfusion may be observed (2, 3).
Later on, another system rhesus (Rh) blood group was identified by Weiner and Karl Landsteiner in 19405 The major blood groups of ABO system are A, AB, B and O.
It is important for you to know that your blood group will have the ability to digest certain lectins better.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 19 (ANI): Various studies indicate that blood group is the main genetic factor that affects the health and well-being to a large extent.
We do this by identifying the blood group the antibody reacts with and then matching blood from donors whose blood type has been extensively tested and established.
19 A noteworthy affiliation was found in Australian populace between blood groups and family history of IHD and were connected with expanded mortality in patients.
It is consequently essential to know about the allocation of these blood groups.
Recently ABO blood groups were studied not only for transfusion science but also its association with various diseases e.
ABO incompatibility constitutes an antibody reaction that occurs due to different mother and baby blood groups, typically when mother blood group is O, and baby blood group being either A or B.