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Even though the termination letter - a copy of which is available with Times of Oman - shows that Bloomy was terminated because the school "could not obtain necessary approval of the regulatory authorities of Oman", the school management committee (SMC) president, who signed the letter, told Times of Oman that Bloomy was "unfit" to be a teacher.
Soft ripened or bloomy rind: Semisoft consistency; surface ripened, sprayed with mold to ripen from the outside in.
Colourful, florally-inspired Bloomy armchair by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola for Moroso.
TAM - A white triple-creme, bloomy rind table cheese that does not soften with age, as does Brie.
Come winter the real transformation begins and this billowing mound turns a bloomy plum-purple.
Normandy Camembert is a soft cheese, spontaneously drained, neither cooked, pressed or mixed, with unbroken curd, lightly salted, with bloomy rind, round in shape, with a maximum weight of 350g and a maximum diameter of 10 to 11cm, containing at least 40% fat, and made from pure Normandy milk.
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34 12 10 12 39 46 46 OUR MAN BLOOMY SAYS This is the start of eight games in four weeks for a Bluebirds squad running on empty.