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1. a web spun by certain spiders, esp those of the family Theridiidae, often found in the corners of disused rooms
2. a single thread of such a web


(1) A Web page that has not been updated in a long time.

(2) A Web page that is rarely downloaded because the references to it are obscure or the subject is simply uninteresting.
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Ballydoyle''s big hopes invariably require an outing to blow away the cobwebs, so perhaps that form should not be taken at face value.
THERE are few better ways to blow away the cobwebs of a heavy New Year's party for a petrol head than a dose of the high octane Death Race 2 movie.
BLOW away the cobwebs on long walks along the beach on a half-term break to Brittany, staying in a 19th Century house sleeping up to eight in Audierne, about half a mile from the coast.
Everybody said I would be all right and said I only needed to blow away the cobwebs but I'm having to make decisions about my training from day to day and that's not a good thing.
The going will be much quicker on the Westwood and she may have just needed a run to blow away the cobwebs.
It will be a great opportunity to blow away the cobwebs and get bike set-ups right prior to the start of our NL campaign.
All this led to Borthwick being one of six nominated for the Breakthrough Player Award, picked up by Joe Root in last year's inaugural season, and the man in the spotlight insists his action-packed start is all down to him being keen to blow away the cobwebs.
Walking the dog is great as it makes sure I'm exercising every day and is a great way to blow away the cobwebs.
Burke, who will partner his 124-rated hurdler Red Jade, said: "I might have to go for a run later to blow away the cobwebs but I ride out every day.
On New Year's Day there's a one o'clock run down the Royal Mile for families to blow away the cobwebs.
CELTIC are looking to blow away the cobwebs of European heartache on Saturday - and here's your chance to cheer them on to victory.
After that, a walk along cliffs at nearby Bedruthan Steps will blow away the cobwebs.